Tru Judah: The Art Of Making Righteous Music For Sinners

South Sacramento native Tru Judah is an artist whose career is guided a sole noble mission: waking up up the true 12 tribes of Israel. Having resisted the pull and glorified, unbridled allure of South Sac gang violence in the 90s, which claimed the lives of many of his childhood friends, he dedicated himself to both sports and music.

Inspired by the teachings of prominent Black leaders in his youth, Tru Judah founded a non-profit at the age of 16 — an early example of his ambition to create change in the world. He took a chance on himself following high school, moving to L.A. to pursue music.

Via his in-house recording facility and label, he recorded The Mic Marlow Album under his previous moniker Mic Marlow. Despite the project’s acclaim, Tru Judah fell out of love with his content, later finding himself on a dark roller-coaster for several years before discovering the truth about his Hebrew Israelite heritage — awakening as a new man, with a new vision and subject matter: telling the truth and praising The Most High. It’s a style he calls, “Truth Music.”

Speaking the language of the people who need the message.

“I am now making the best music I’ve ever made with a new purpose.”

Tru Judah

His new ambitious artistic vision, which has been fully realized with the release of his opus I’m Free is an eclectic example that it’s possible to embrace a path of righteousness without completely abandoning one’s true self. Often laden with an aggressive approach that uses language and aesthetics that are approachable, and brimming with truth and love.

With his newfound purpose and strong entrepreneurial sense, Tru Judah has launched an umbrella brand, Righteous Lion, that houses several sub-initiatives. It includes Righteous Lion Records, Righteous Lion Radio (a station solely dedicated to truth, praise, and conscious music), Righteous Lion Clothing Co. , as well as Righteous Fruits — a non-profit that offers to pick unwanted fruit from trees and share the harvest with those in the community that are in need.

“All of these efforts are part of my efforts to be the light, spread love and wake up the true 12 tribes of Israel,” he says of his mission’s grandeur.

“We don’t have to ask for the radio to play us. We are the radio.”

Tru Judah

A true artist, fearless in his creativity — and willing be the face of a potentially abrasive approach with the noblest of intentions — Tru Judah is more than a “rapper.” He’s a movement.

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